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My Experience as a jGirls+ Magazine Editor

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I am sitting at my desk at home in Evanston IL, talking with teens across the country about submissions to jGirls+, a national online Jewish literary magazine. The meeting starts with catching up and lots of laughter, but then we transition to reviewing each piece. We think about its structure, the content, the perspective, and then think about the edits we would make. We discuss the author’s meaning and the context. Together, we joke and share stories, but mostly we debate. These meetings are a teen-only space and leave me feeling empowered. Sometimes I change my mind about the strength of a piece or the underlying issue, and sometimes I don’t. But after each discussion, I emerge understanding the world and myself a bit better than when I evaluated the piece on my own. When our meeting is over, I haven’t left my chair, but I have grown and changed in ways I didn’t expect.

The people on the Editorial Board and Photography board are like me in that they are Jewish and are passionate about writing, but they are also different from me. Together we represent 15 states, 25 different Jewish practices (each of us is unique), and multiple ways of thinking. Each year we gather in New York City for an in-person retreat. Throughout the year, we also have the chance to learn from experts and build our skills. Just a couple weeks ago, I led a meeting with the editor of Hey Alma (how cool is that!).

If I had to choose one word to describe my experience at jGirls+ it would be fulfilling. From having the opportunity to produce timely and meaningful content to creating such genuine friendships, I feel so lucky to be part of such an incredible Jewish community. I applied with hopes of becoming a better editor, but I have gained so much more. 

** We accept writing and art submissions all-year round from Jewish girls and non-binary teens on any subject and any genre. We are also seeking content reflecting Jewish teen responses to the Israel-Hamas war. All perspectives are always welcome.

Apply to be on the editorial and photography board here (applications are due March 26th, extensions available upon request):

Submit writing here:

Browse the website here:

About the author: Isabel Rosenberg (she/her), a senior at Evanston Township High School, loves to create – everything from dance choreography to stories. Through her work as an editor and department head for jGirls+ Magazine, a national Jewish literary magazine, she is able to help others share their stories. Isabel is one of this year’s 18 Under 18 Honorees. 

Isabel Rosenberg