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How a Little Bit of Outdoors Can do a Lot of Good

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In our daily lives, many of us don't have enough to enjoy outdoor adventures. We rarely have a chance to breath the fresh air, put away our cell phones, and take a break from the screens (televisions, computers, etc.) we sit in front of all day.

Camp Chi 1

We need to stop looking at cool pictures of nature and actually go outside and explore. There is a reason that movies and TV shows about going out into the wild are so captivating. It’s because when we are surrounded by nature and away from technology, we can truly be free. Through outdoor adventures you can learn about yourself and the world around you like you never have before and have new experiences that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Breakaway Wilderness Adventure

This Spring Break, on March 26-30, Camp Chi and Springboard are hosting Breakaway: Wilderness Adventure. This program will teach a variety of important life and survival skills and will help you discover how crafty and savvy you can be! You will learn the basics, such as navigating, team building, and safety skills, but will also learn all about fire building (without a lighter), cooking over a fire, shelter building, trail blazing, and more! Not only this, but campers will also get to explore the trees while zip lining, taking on the challenges of the ropes course, and conquering the Aerial Adventure Course! This program will be an experience unlike any other, and we hope to see you there.

Camp Chi 2

If you spend your spring break indoors, you may miss out on amazing opportunities and valuable skill building. This March, break out with BreakAway: Wilderness Adventure!

Breakaway Wilderness Adventure 2