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Purim 2018: V'nahafoch Hu!

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Purim is a holiday that is all about switching roles. On Purim, we say "Venahafoch Hu!" (He was switched). In the traditional Purim story, the Jewish people were switched from being victims and defenders. Haman (boo!) was switched from being the king's most trusted advisor to an enemy of the kingdom. Esther and Mordechai were switched from being lowly citizens, to the queen and the king's highest advisor! Thanks to the bravery of Queen Esther and the intelligence of Mordechai, the Jewish people were able to switch from being a people facing destruction at the hands of wicked Haman (boo!) to a people with the power to consider how they should respond to those who wish to do them harm.  On Purim, we celebrate by dressing up in costume in order to switch into a new identity for the day and we are encouraged to switch from regulating our "vices," to eating and drinking to excess.  

Today we celebrate Purim.  What can you do to honor the heroes of our Purim story? Will you switch your dress or daily routine? Stand up and speak out for what you believe in? Try to make social change like Esther and Mordechai? Take some time today to reflect on our Purim story and its heroes, and how we can emulate their behavior to "Venahafoch hu" today!