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Meet Your Honorees: Adina Drapkin, Max Marino, and Sarah Gruettner

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Meet Adina Drapkin 

Adina Drapkin

Adina has the opportunity to be involved with inclusive, interactive, and inspiring programs within the Orthodox Jewish community. She's involved with Yachad, which provides integrated programming for Jewish young adults with special needs. She's been greatly involved in creating GO b'Yachad, the first all-girls division of Yachad. She's on the high school board for GNOL (Girls' Night Out Learning), a program run by the YU Torah Mitzion Kollel of Chicago which provides monthly Torah-based learning programs for high school girls. Additionally, she's involved in GNOL Jr., where senior and junior high school girls teach Torah to 7th and 8th graders. Along with this, she's on the NCSY 4G high school board. 4G is an all-girls NCSY program that provides inspirational programming for Orthodox Jewish teens in an informal setting. Adina thanks the YU Torah Mitzion Kollel for nominating her, and her school, friends, and family for helping and supporting her in everything she does. 

Dream Job?  I would love to be a nurse so I can meet all different types of people, while also helping and healing them. 

Being Jewish is... what makes me who I am. Judaism gives me my values and sets my priorities. These values then guide me as I embark on projects and involve myself and others in organizations throughout the Jewish community. 

Who is a leader that inspires you? Tzippy Suss is a close friend of mine and leader that inspires me. She is a goal-oriented person who follows through on whatever she plans to do. She has the great ability to include others, which I have tried to learn from her. When I was in 9th and 10th grade, she organized two girls' Yachad Shabbatonim. That is what gave me the idea to start a whole new chapter of Yachad for girls only, "GO b'Yachad".  

Meet Max Marino 

Max Marino

Hello! My name is Max Marino and I am currently a junior at Highland Park High School. I love sports, my Super Bowl winning Eagles, and politics. I am a Diller Teen Fellow Alumni, a current Write On For Israel fellow, and a current member of the Voices Alumni Philanthropic Board. I would like to thank a few people for helping me become the man that I am today. I would like to thank my family for molding me to become the person I am today. I would also like to thank Stephanie Goldfarb and Sam Rodin for being great role models and people that I can look up to through my high school career.  

Dream Job? US Senator 

Being Jewish is... a proud part of my identity 

Who is a leader that inspires you?  Barack Obama 

Meet Sarah Gruettner 

Sarah Gruettner

My name is Sarah Gruettner and I'm from Palatine. I attend Fremd High School and my family has belonged to Beth Tikvah Congregation my whole life. I have played soccer for the past twelve years. What initiated my Jewish identity was attending OSRUI. I was a camper there for six summers, and this summer I look forward to being an Avodahnik! My connection also blossomed through my temple’s youth group, in which I have been an active member and leader. I credit NFTY with opening my eyes to social action. I would love to thank my parents for their continuous support, and for the long drives to all of my activities. I’d also like to thank Stacey Lysianov, Brad Egel and Helen Kornick for being the best temple youth advisors, and for helping me find my passion with Judaism. 

Dream Job? My dream job would be working for a Jewish federation like The RAC (Religious Action Center), the URJ (Union for Reform Judaism), or the JUF (Jewish United Fund of Metropolitan Chicago). 

Being Jewish is... everything to me. I have grown so much as a leader and as a person because of the incredible experiences I have had because of my Jewish identity. In addition, Judaism provides me with an amazing community that I cherish every day. I live in a very non-Jewish area, and I've always considered my religious school friends and my friends from URJ OSRUI some of my closest friends. 

Who is a leader that inspires you? One leader who inspires me is Stephanie Goldfarb from the JUF. She has been my leader this year for an internship I’m in called RTI (Research Training Internship).