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Apply to be a Hebrew in the High Ambassador Today!

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I have met some of you at the Chicagoland Jewish Festival, others at Mini Camp TOV, and some of you’ve I’ve only interacted with through this blog. I hope to meet more of you in person soon!  Today, I wanted to share how I became such a strong advocate for learning Hebrew.   

The Hebrew language has played an important role throughout my life. From an early age I was surrounded by Hebrew, but honestly, it wasn't until I got to high school that it gained meaning. While taking Hebrew at Deerfield High School I got my first window into Hebrew as a modern language, spoken by real people, in a way that I could relate to. I went on to take Hebrew in college and became fluent while serving in the Israel Defense Forces. My passion for Hebrew truly started during my Hebrew program at Deerfield High School.   

Today my positive feelings towards high school Hebrew come full circle, as I now get to support teens who are taking Hebrew in their public high schools professionally. I would like to invite any teen who is a current public high schooler taking Hebrew to become an Ambassador for Hebrew in the High. Hebrew in the High will allow students to take more ownership over their experience in Hebrew and to increase the level of meaning that they get out of their classes by helping to grow their awesome programs. 

Ambassadors will attend monthly meetings. They will develop critical leadership and public speaking skills by presenting their stories to various audiences throughout the community. Additionally, Ambassadors will host Hebrew-themed events throughout the year. This new and exciting initiative kicks off at beginning of the upcoming school year, so make sure to reach out to me if you are interested!  

TLDR  (Too Long Didn’t Read) 

Who: Are you a current public high school student taking Hebrew? 

What: Become a Hebrew in the High Ambassador  

Where: Monthly meetings at a location near you 

Why: Gain valuable leadership skills, connect with other Hebrew students, eat awesome food, and earn money for the work you do! 

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a leader for their Hebrew program, please contact Sam Grobart at 312-357-4982 or at