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Hebrew in the High Spotlight: Leadership!

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The polls are closed and the votes are in! This doesn’t mean it is time to stop advocating for things you are passionate about. Check out our new blog series highlighting the amazing Hebrew in the High ambassadors.

Hebrew in the High ambassadors

“During my Junior year, I was elected Head of Recruitment for D219’s Hebrew Honor Society. Driven by my passion for Hebrew, I, alongside my fellow HHS members were able to recruit over 20 students. Now, D219 has TWO Hebrew 1 courses in addition to the standard 4-5 courses.”

-Sammy Schwartz; Niles North High School

“Achievement and Hebrew go hand in hand. I don’t know one person who doesn’t take Hebrew for honors credit...when you sign up for Hebrew, you aren’t just signing up for a language, you’re signing up for achievement.”

-Sarah Bloom; Evanston Township High School

“Right off the bat I devoted my extra time to help promote the Hebrew program, and worked closely with our amazing teacher Anna Gorbikoff, to make sure our status as a program was known in our community.”

-Abby Lapins; Stevenson High School

“I took the role as President of the Hebrew Honors Society where I helped recruit more students into our program. Further, I joined the board of Israel Club where our fun events attract dozens of students each month.”

-Noam Zetouni; Deerfield High School

Through Hebrew in the High, teens can take ownership of their school Hebrew language programs and broadcast this amazing opportunity to the greater community. In this highlight, see how the ambassadors Hebrew programs have provided them with valuable leadership opportunity!

Hebrew in the High

Stay tuned throughout the week to hear more from these amazing teen ambassadors. For more information on Hebrew in the High, please contact Sam Grobart at