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Hebrew in the High Spotlight: Israel!

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Through Hebrew in the High, teens are able to take ownership of their school Hebrew language programs and broadcast this amazing opportunity to the greater community. In our second spotlight, check out how these teens' connection to Israel has been impacted by their Hebrew programs!

three ambassadors

“I can definitely see Hebrew benefitting my future because I plan to visit Israel many times later in my life. Additionally, knowing conversational Hebrew will allow me to communicate easily with the people around me.”

-Caroline Cotler, GBN

“After traveling to Israel in eighth grade with Ta’am Yisrael I realized how modern and fast paced of a country Israel truly is. This made me forge an even deeper connection with the Hebrew language. It is not only the language of the Torah but it is vibrant, modern and cool!”

-Stephanie Kallish, HPHS

“Being able to speak to Israelis because of my knowledge of Hebrew has been the true best part. I stayed with an Israeli family for a week going into junior year and because I knew Hebrew, I was able to deepen my connection with the host family.”

-Elie Rosenberg; ETHS

“Hopefully, through Hebrew in the High, more people can foster the same love I have for Israel and the same desire to spread it with others.”

-Noam Zetouni; DHS

“I have grown to appreciate it and love it. My reasons for continuing it every year have grown. To me, Hebrew is so much more than just a language. It is a connection to my religion and to my other home, Israel. When I hear someone speaking Hebrew in a public environment, I find myself feeling a connection towards them even if I don’t know them.”

-Gillian Rosenberg; ETHS

Hebrew in the High

Stay tuned to hear more from these amazing teen ambassadors. For more information on Hebrew in the High, please contact Sam Grobart at