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Hebrew in the High Spotlight: Community!

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Now more than ever it is important to be a leader in the Jewish community. Luckily, there are so many avenues for teens to hone in on their leadership skills. Through Hebrew in the High, teens are able to take ownership of their school Hebrew language programs and broadcast this amazing opportunity to the greater community. Look first hand at what these amazing teens have to say about their experience!

Four Teens

“Choosing to take Hebrew has impacted my high school experience immensely and has helped my become more involved in my school and outside community. Looking back, I cannot imagine how different my high school experience would be, had I not chosen to take Hebrew.”

-Mia Strubel Iram; Niles North High School

“Hebrew is a class that I always look forward to attending because of the connection I have with my classmates. The Hebrew language has brought a sense of community to my classroom that lacks in other classes.”

-Ambassador; Glenbrook North High School

Not only is Hebrew an amazing and fascinating language, but the class is engaging, fun and tight knit. There is something very special about having a class with the same people every year...Hebrew is a constant that acts as a safe space to resort to no matter what. After being in a class with the same people for four years you will make friends that you never thought you would. In Hebrew we are all so close because we chose to take this class and have it in common with each other every year.

-Stephanie Kallish, Highland Park High School

“Hebrew, specifically at my high school, is a community that I wouldn’t necessarily get in a different language. In a big public school, it is nice to have a place where I can go to find that Jewish community.”

-Gillian Rosenberg; Evanston Township High School

“Usually by the end of 7th period everyday, I’m tired, I’m dragging my feet, I’m watching the clock. But that stops when I walk through the door of my 8th period Hebrew class. As soon as I walk in, I see my friends. Friends I’ve been with in Hebrew class since freshman year. Friends I’ve gotten to know really well and look forward to seeing everyday. I can say with absolute certainty that many of the people in my Hebrew class will remain close friends after high school and beyond. Because when you sign up to take Hebrew, you aren’t just signing up for a language, you’re signing up for a community.”

-Sarah Bloom; Evanston Township High School

“So if it wasn’t to learn the language itself, then why did I sign up for Hebrew when I had plenty of other language options available? I chose it because of the community I’d be a part of.”

-Adi Zetouni; Deerfield High School

Hebrew in the High

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