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Meet the Springboard Lewis Summer Intern, Staci!

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Hello everyone! My name is Staci Babich, and I am so excited to be a Lewis Summer Intern and to be joining the Springboard team! 

A little bit about me is I am from Glenview and am highly active in Hillel at Bradley University.  At Bradley, I am a rising senior, and this will be my third-year interning.  Last year, I was an engagement intern, and it gave me the opportunity to meet and engage with a wide variety of students at Bradley. I loved being able to do this and learn a little bit about everyone. My journey throughout college at times was a little rocky, but Hillel was always there for me and helped me to become the person I am today. There my connection with Judaism grew, and I also met my best friend. 

Fridays at Hillel were one of my favorite places to celebrate Shabbat last year. Not only is there great food, but during services there was a time when I had a smile on my face. I found a sense of community and trust. There, I was able to freely express myself to the fullest. I did not have to hide who I was and was not worried about being judged. The connections I have made with the people here are ones that will last a lifetime and I cannot be more grateful. The future for me may be unknown, but the possibilities and memories to be made are endless! 

Through the Lewis Summer Internship I hope to grow my identity and connect with some of my Jewish roots!  One of my goals this summer is to explore what Judaism means to me and how being Jewish has given me numerous opportunities for me to discover who I am.

Staci Babich

About the Author: Staci Babich is a senior at Bradley University studying psychology with minors in ethics and advertisement/public relations. I intend on graduating this upcoming December and can’t wait to start the next chapter of my life, whatever that may be!